Why Choose Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems?

The study of sustainability and renewable energy systems (SRES) addresses the concerns of world resources, including energy and renewable energy, and their social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Our sustainability and renewable energy systems program provides strong foundational knowledge in traditional and renewable energy systems and their impacts on society. You'll develop comprehensive skills that will allow you to offer solutions related to technical, economic, social, and environmental challenges related to energy, efficiency, and renewable resource management.

At UW-Platteville, sustainability and renewable energy systems graduates are creative problem-solvers who find careers with utility companies, energy producers and auditors, building design and construction firms, various levels of municipalities, and more. They are empowered to lead the nation on a more sustainable path toward better and more efficient uses of energy.

A Unique Program

University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus

Opportunity to work in energy industry through internships and co-ops.
Interdisciplinary education that creates a broad analytical skill set that transfers between disciplines.
Significant anticipated growth in the field over the next decade.
One of only a handful of such programs in the U.S.
Advisory Board with more than twenty industry members


Kyle Onesti

Kyle Onesti, a graduating senior majoring with a minor in Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems, has recently accepted a job offer thanks to the skills he gained through the SRES program at UW-Platteville.  READ MORE


Administration & Faculty

Professor and Program Coordinator, Sociology
Associate Professor
Professor, Interim Chair 
Assistant Professor, SRES Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Sustainability Coordinator