School of Business

Welcome to the School of Business at University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional academic and co-curricular experience while you find your place in the global economy. Whether you are pursuing your first degree or continuing for your master’s degree, we’ll help you develop the core skills that you’ll need to be successful and advance in your profession. Each of our programs focus on application that is supported by innovative decision making. In other words, you’ll not only learn the tools and frameworks of business but also how to rethink problems and opportunities to find new ways to approach them.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The School of Business provides a wide range of undergraduate programs to meet our students’ and employer-partners’ needs. These undergraduate programs are focused on three core principles: flexibility, access, and engagement.

Flexibility: Many of our programs are offered in multiple formats so that students can balance their academic studies with the many competing demands on their time.

Access: We see value in building students’ business competence from Day 1. You will start taking business coursework in your first semester rather than starting in your junior year like other institutions require. This shortens your time-to-degree and allows you to earn additional credentials along the way.

Engagement: The School of Business recognizes that classroom learning is only part of the learning equation. As a student in the School, you’ll be able to join and ultimately assume a leadership role in one of our student organizations. The organizations provide additional opportunities to connect with employers, apply learning to real projects with real companies, and receive additional mentorship from the faculty.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs within the School of Business emphasize a precise blend of technical and leadership skill development, allowing our graduates to advance in their organizations or serve as subject matter experts in their discipline. Many of our alumni present at regional, national, and international conferences on a regular basis. Faculty for the graduate programs are carefully chosen based on their combination of academic credentials and professional experiences, ensuring that you are learning from people who understand both the theory and the practice as it occurs in organizations.

Each program is designed for working professionals and offered entirely online. With our first distance course offerings in the 1960’s and our first online offerings in the 1990’s, UW-Platteville enjoys a history of excellence in the field of distance learning.