Why Study Agribusiness?

  • Learn business, marketing, and management practices specifically related to agriculture.
  • Become involved in farming, farm supply, marketing and processing, or service sectors of agriculture.
  • Agribusiness includes supplying agricultural inputs and subsequent producing, processing and distributing food and fiber.
  • The food and fiber industry reaches every corner of the globe with products that are on the very sustenance of life.
  • The farming sector is highly dependent on the farm-related business sector that provides feed, seed, machinery, and many other inputs to farmers. Each year the amounts of these capital items purchased by farmers increases.
  • The marketing and processing sector purchases products from farmers and delivers these products in the form, place and time desired by consumers.
  • The service sector provides information, research and education to the other sectors of agriculture.
  • While there is a declining number of farmers, there are increasing employment opportunities in the other sectors of agriculture as farmers purchase more items and consumers desire more highly processed food products.


Administration & Faculty

School of Agriculture Director and Professor in Agribusiness
Agribusiness Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor in Agribusiness
Assistant Professor